Breakthrough in X-ray Refinement:

Normal mode refinement of anisotropic thermal parameters for a supramolecular complex at 3.42-Å crystallographic resolution

Poon BK, Chen X, Lu M, Vyas NK, Quiocho FA, Wang Q, Ma J. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. (2007) 104, 7869-7874. 

Press release:

BCM, Rice make major advance in structural biology

News in Chinese Media

"This recent success in X-ray crystallographic refinement is revolutionary for the field of structure biology in terms of improving large and flexible complex structures that are becoming far more abundant nowadays. It is one of the largest technical leap-forwards in X-ray refinement in the last two decades. It will fundamentally change the way people do structural refinement for large and flexible complexes."
--William N. Lipscomb
Nobel Laureate, Harvard University